Warm Weather: Okanagan Style!

Ah … the Okanagan Lifestyle – warm weather, beautiful views everywhere and yummy produce to savor everyday.


Truly take advantage of all the great outdoors has to offer by outfitting your decks – tiny or very generous by creating an extension of your indoor living.

Create this dreamy, joyful and welcoming atmosphere with bursts of color, some great new pieces and some repurposed treasures.  Think of your deck in sections – one for relaxing and one for entertaining.


Your entertainment area could have a simple teak bar height table with four stools.  Possibly a great find we made at JYSK.  My husband, Wayne, faithfully oils it every year and it looks great and tropical.  If there are not enough seats, it is comfy to lean in to the appies.  Pop a tropical throw on the table top (maybe a great scarf from your travels?).


Position four relaxing chairs on a sisal carpet with a group of old, new, metal, stone or little logs to live on as ottomans and little tables for your wine glasses and lazy feet.  The more colorful and crazy the tables, the more interesting.  Add some vivid pillows for the chairs in colors borrowed from the bar throw.  Homesense always has a great variety and practically free!


Find a unique, slightly tacky mirror to hang on a wall to reflect your new hangout.  A great resource for the little tables, mirrors or frames-mirror ready is Lois Lane Warehouse on Ethel St. in Kelowna.  The trip is worthwhile for all the fabulous finds and Lois herself.


Round out your new oasis with a couple easy care oversized tropical.  They need out of the greenhouses by now, for sure (poor things).  Simply plop them, pot and all in a larger pot and water lots around the base.  NO messy repotting and dirty fingernails.!


Be ready for evening guests or a little quiet time with lots of battery-operated candles.  Turn them on before guests come and like magic they will twinkle to life as the sun sets.


Your playlist tuned to some casual party music will set the mood for a long summer day; relaxing with a good book or lounging with great friends.


How about a terrific local produce salad to anchor your offerings – my favorite of the summer comes from my amazing “chef” nephew from St. Albert, Alberta – thanks Scott!


1/2 loaf of artisan bread from Bread Company on Bernard. Dice it up, toss it olive oil and garlic and toast it in the oven for 10-15 minutes


1 English Cucumber with the seeds removed. Easy – slice it down the middle (the long way) and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Dice it in decent size pieces


1 large container of little tomatoes (sliced in half)


1 Avocado (peeled … you knew that) diced


½ red onion sliced very thinly


Snip LOTS of chives and dill over it all


Sea salt and pepper (to taste)


Toss it all together and season with white balsamic vinegar and olive oil


Toss it again at least ½ hour before you serve it to let the dressing blend into the bread


Hmmm …. Love it!


For now –