Hi…how have you been?
Has it not been an amazing Summer! (That’s a shot of me on one of our clients’ dock catching the last rays of summer.)  The days are getting so much shorter which takes me to thoughts of entertaining indoors.

For sure, I will be thinking about a fresh new look for our living room and dining room. I want to be sure to keep it a bit elegant, but it must also, be comfy.

It does help to always purchase the main pieces of furniture such as the sofas, chairs, maybe your main tables and drapery in timeless fabrics, wood and/or glass. Plan to spend as much as your budget allows on those good bones of your room. We have a natural linen sectional we have had for years and it only gets more comfortable and gains a little more patina which I love, each year.

Jorin Wolf Interior Design-9

Now, some may not feel that way about our sectional, like my daughter, Kirsten….but she knows electrical….I know design!

The fun begins with the accessorizing. If you are very fond of shopping, you can redo the décor with the seasons, but if you are like me…a couple times a year is great….summer and winter.

This Fall, I will pull out all the summer bright pillows I bought in South Africa a few years ago, a rattan lamp behind the sectional and the bright accessories.

I plan to warm up the chrome tables I have with some brushed gold pieces. Mixing metals is terrific because you don’t really want your home to look too “decorated”. Decorating is as much about what you don’t do as what you do….

I am going to use some of the collections we have acquired travelling. If you see something you love, buy it. You won’t be sorry…if you love it, chances are very good, that it will go with other pieces you love. It is those memories of the places you have been and who you were with that make a home. Years ago, I collected a few beautiful boxes and then people started to give them to me. They have been languishing in a cabinet for years, now they will make a lovely interesting grouping on the cocktail table and side board. I bring out a couple furry pillows to add texture I have collected. I may even have my fur coat (from Saskatchewan) made into a throw! I haven’t worn it for years in lovely Kelowna. I sure hope our wonderful seamstress, Edwina, sees the potential!

We have a wonderful felted ball wall hanging and sculptures from a past vacation that will fill out the accessorizing. I will replace the rattan lamp with a gold metal campaign style lamp. A few years ago, we added a simple black shelf on black brackets behind the sectional on the back wall. It is a couple inches lower than the sofa back and it is wonderful for a lamp and a few architectural accessories. That way, you can get away with less of a decorating budget. For some reason, I love to pick up stones, nuts and dry leaves when we are out for a walk. I just drop them on the hall table, and soon, I will find the perfect twigs for a table center.

I think I will have a warm, natural, cosy retreat to come home to this Fall and Winter.

OH! What about those of you want to have a little more glamour in your Fall Décor…

Just hold on…I am waiting for the new cushions to arrive at Modern Accents and I will do a little blog about using a very unique colorful cushion as the jumping off point for a Fall makeover….

For now –